Progressing Your Diving - Sports Diver & Beyond

If you're already qualified with BSAC then congratulations, all you need to do is pay your AU membership (£35 UoL Student), BSAC membership (£28.50) and your diving levy of £40 and you're all set to dive with LUSAC! AU membership is mandatory and provides insurance through the University as well as providing the club with much needed funding. Supporting this, your diving levy covers all your equipment use and boat use as well as provide you with free unlimited air fills. 

Not a University of Liverpool student? Don't worry, you can still join us! AU membership for external members costs £50, otherwise all other costs remain the same. 

 LUSAC is able to provide a comprehensive range of training, including Sports Diver and Dive Leader quailifcations. If you are already a Sports Diver then you may attend an instructor foundation course, whereby you will qualify as a BSAC Assistant Instructor and then you can begin to get involved in teaching pool lessons to beginners. 

To find out more about the Sports Diver and Dive Leader courses, click the relevant button below to view the information on the British Sub-Aqua Club website.For more information and to find out about Skill Development Courses, please contact us.