Expeditions are a big part of LUSAC. Our largest and most popular trip is to Cornwall every Easter. Everyone can get involved in this trip, from our trainees to our instructors.We have previously run trips to Oban (Scotland), The Farne Islands to see seals, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Scapa Flow and even abroad; there is certainly no shortage of expeditions you can make with LUSAC.

We also make regularly day trips to Anglesey and other local areas, and if there's somewhere you'd like to go, just ask and we can organise it.LUSAC is a highly equipped club; with three compressors, two RIB's (and access to a third), and a large range of all other equipment (most of which is brand new), you will never be short on equipment.

As a member of LUSAC you are entitled to borrow any of this equipment for free for the duration of your membership.