Divers From Other Agencies

LUSAC warmly accept divers from other agencies, including PADI, SAA, SSI, SSAC and others. We recommend that you are drysuit qualified as most of our diving takes place within the UK. If you are not drysuit qualified then you may wish to look at gaining this qualification, however LUSAC has previously provided members with drysuit training, including the PADI Drysuit Diver speciality, so please contact us if your require drysuit training.

We also welcome those who wish to continue their training with us but are not currently BSAC trained. We have a number of requests every year from those who hold qualifications such as PADI Open Water or equivalent who wish to continue their training with BSAC. If you wish to crossover to BSAC then we can train you to Sports Diver or above, equivalent to PADI Rescue Diver and above. Standard membership fees apply including AU membership (£35 UoL Student), BSAC membership (£28.50) and club levy (£40). A BSAC crossover pack will also be required. Club levy provides all equipment for free, as well as free unlimited air fills.

Not a University of Liverpool student? Don't worry, you can still join us! AU membership costs £50 for external members, otherwise all costs remain the same.If you wish to continue your training with LUSAC, please contact us or visit us.The documents below compare the basic differences between BSAC and other dive agencies grades.